call me ishmael

call me ishmael

Re-reading books

"I RARELY go back and reread a novel I’ve read before. It just seems a waste of time, a waste of an opportunity for another book, another story" 

Gosh darn it. I never thought about it that way. I always reread books, and here’s why”

Numero Uno: To me, reading books is kind of like listening to music. Except, it takes longer. What I mean is, when you listen to music, you often associate it with certain memories and such; and so in the same way, I associate reading books to various life events and things that may have occurred during the period of reading. Also, when I reread a book, all of the feels come rushing back, like some kind of literature deluge or something, and I like that.

b) Each time I reread a book, I stumble upon new themes, or meanings or some such thing. I enjoy that aspect of picking up a book I’ve read more times than I care to remember, and discovering or even rediscovering things. When this happens, I’m like “ohhhhhhh.” THAT is what I love.


iii) A good books is a good book, and deserves every bit of attention. I care for my books in the same way one would care for their offspring; their annoying, bratty offspring. I jest. But, books are nice. I like them. They don’t cry at you ‘cause they’re hungry, and I look after them by reading their stories again and again and again.


On the radio today they were talking about kindles and if they would ever replace books completely and I had this horrible image of Waterstones but instead of the shelves being stacked with books it was just filled with kindle screens.